G is for Glitter A to Z challenge

G is for glitter. Now in a blog about books, and my latest musings glitter might be a strange choice. But think about glitter. It is tiny, but can make everything sparkle. It can also make a huge mess and take forever to clean up. One glitter laden project or glitter spill can result in glitter being found through out a home or car for years, possibly longer. Emotions, ideas, inspirations, and habits can be the same way. Any of these things can alter and color your work, your very attitude for just about ever if you do not take evasive action.

Now, some of this can be good, much like controlled glitter use. The right amount can perfectly accent something and make it truly yours. It can also stay with whoever takes the time to enjoy your work or that encounters you, sending some of that glitter onwards. Your words, writing, smile, actions, work can continue on in those you encounter. Sending the thoughts and attitude you carry with you onto who ever they come in contact with next, and so on. Your creative writing or artwork can make someone think, and trigger them to talk about it or the ideas and feelings it triggered in them. A smile, or frustrated sigh, can change the mood of the next person in line, or the person waiting on you coloring the next few minutes of their lives, and the those of the people they come in contact next. So while writing a non fiction piece might not seem glitter laden, you could be helping someone achieve their own goals for the day, making them smile and passing on some positive glitter.

So use your glitter to advantage. Your sparkle can change the world, so lets all try to use it in a positive and productive manner. Unlike a small child, or two, with a shaker bottle of glitter and  glue stick run a muck.
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