F is for Friday Fun- A to Z Challenge

F is for Friday Fun. In all of our adult rushing about and trying to get everything done and in order, we often to forget to take some time out for good old fun. Even if we enjoy the work we do, or if you are like some of my oddball friends are soothed by cleaning, you still need to let loose and laugh. On Thursday I took a break from words that were frustrating me and took the kids outside to play. We had fun, we were silly, it soothed my mind like nothing else A good tickling match and round of zerberts followed  by relaxing for a bit and eating lunch had me in a much better place. It had the kids in a happier place too.

Friday, or any other day, deserves a break for a little bit of silly fun. Find something to do on this Friday to make you feel silly and laugh. Me? My silly Friday plans just might involve the kiddos and some Easter Egg decorating. Maybe. Or perhaps I will break out the paint, or play dough, or some equally insane project (or combination of projects) that will bring joy along with the inevitable clean up. Because the sheer fun and enjoyment will be worth it and make everyone in the house happy for a bit.

Sometimes I loose track of the fun and get caught up in the no's and details of the day and forget to have fun. This Friday, and hopefully every possible day, I will make my household a much more entertaining place and give in to the fun.
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