Early Book Review: Ditched by Robin Mellom

Ditched by Robin Mellom is a young adult novel scheduled for release on January 10 2012. The story opens with high school senior Justina Griffith waking up in a ditch and struggling to remember just how she came to be there in a iridescent blue gown and matching footwear. When she notices the stains on her gown, and remembers how her prom night began, she is not quite sure she wants to remember the events that led to her situation. She stumbles to the closest store, a 7-Eleven, and begins to put the night together. Was her best friend and dream date really the great guy she thought he was or was he scum? Ian had left her at the prom, and she has not been able to catch up with him since. She has encountered some unexpected friendships, strange situations, and unmitigated disaster in her misguided attempts to have a perfect night. Did she deserve to land in the ditch because of her choices and actions or could everything be salvaged in the end when all the pieces of the night come together?

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