Book Review: Floors by Patrick Carman

Floors by Patrick Carman is a novel for children about the adventures of a boy living and working in the most unusual hotel you could ever hope to visit. I would love a chance to explore the wondrous hotel that Carman has created, and look forward to any sequels so that I can return to young Leo's world. Leo and his father like in the basement of the Whippet Hotel, and know most of its secrets. Hidden rooms, special elevators, strange staff, stranger guests, very unusual rooms and ducks living on the roof are all normal at the Whippet Hotel. When the creator of the hotel, Merganzer Whippet, goes missing strange things begin to happen. Leo and the new door boy, the excitable Remi, follow the clues that seem to have been left behind by Merganzer. They journey through hidden floors and solve mysteries with the help of a duck and robot. Leo needs to solve the mysteries Merganzer Left behind to save the hotel, his friendships, and his future.

I highly recommend Floors to readers age eight and up. Fans of books by Roald Dahl and Louis Sacher will find extra joy in reading this book, and the series that promises to follow. There is no violence or terrifying moments to bother readers that are younger than eight but that have the reading ability to enjoy the story, while the adventure and mystery in Carman's writing can keep even adult readers enthralled. I look forward to discovering more hidden areas of the Whippet Hotel along with Leo and Remi in the future, and would not be surprised to see this book become classic must read along side works by Dahl and C.S. Lewis.
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