Picture Book Recommendation: Fall Mixed Up

Fall Mixed Up written by Bob Raczka and illustrated by Chad Cameron is a picture book due to be released on September 1 2011. The fun illustrations and rhymes within this picture book take readers through the wonders of fall, with errors that entertain and challenge readers to find them all. There are mistakes to find from the very first page when the names of the months are jumbled together, right through the last page when we can still see squirrels flying south as the author challenges us to find all the things the book has mixed up about fall. My son is only four, and a huge fan of puzzles and I Spy games, so he found this book to be fun and entertaining on several levels. He loved the silly mistakes, and finding the different things that were wrong in each illustration. My three year old loves to laugh and point to the animals and people doing silly things. I found the illustrations to be both soft enough to draw you into the pictures and vibrant enough to catch the attention and keep it. The illustrations truly captured the whimsy of the book perfectly.

I think Fall Mixed Up will make the most sense to those of us in the United States, since Halloween and Thanksgiving are included in the story, though boys and girls everywhere will enjoy the mistakes of mittens on ears and candy corn sprouts. The giggles and slimes that I get while reading this book with my kids, and my own personal enjoyment of this book, make me recommend this book to families with children between three and eight. I think that teachers in preschool, kindergarten and first grade might also make good use of this book while discussing the season of fall and the way we celebrate the holidays within the season.
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