Early Book Review: You Will Call Me Drog by Sue Cowing

You Will Call Me Drog by Sue Cowing is a children's book due to be released in September 2011. It is a quirky story for children between eight and thirteen. Parker is a normal sixth grader, at least as far is he is concerned. The only unusual things about him are that his parents are divorced and his best friend is a girl. Not all that unusual in the grand scheme of things. When he and his friend Wren find a green hand puppet while scouting for things to build with things start to get strange. Wren warns him that he should leave the puppet alone, but he brings it home anyway. When he tries, the ugly puppet on it immediately commands, "You will call me Drog!" From then on the two are inseparable, but not by choice. No matter what Parker does, he cannot get Drog off his hand. Drog's comments are rude, snide and sometimes downright mean. Nevertheless, sometimes it seems like Drog might just be saying what Parker is keeping bottled up inside himself. Parker has been trying so hard to keep everyone around him happy, that he often just follows the path of least resistance so that he will not upset or offend anyone else. Could the key to getting Drog off his hand be to really listen to what he is saying, and listen to his own heart as well?

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