Early Book Review: Resurrection by Boone Brux

Resurrection by Boone Brux is the first book in the Bringer and the Bane series. It is due to released on August 2 2011. The premise behind Resurrection, and the series that is to follow, is that there are demons at work in the world and that there is a specific group of people on the world to fight them. The Bringers crossed into our world from their own plane in order to fight the demons, or the Bane. The setting seems to be a medieval time, but it is never really made clear, however some of the dialogue seems modern. In Resurrection, readers meet Ravyn and the Bringer Rhys. Ravyn has been raised in an abbey, and treated badly. She has always been different, and is about to find out just how different when her nighttime flight from the abbey lands her in the clutches of a demon that has been ordered to find her. Rhys has often been drawn to the abbey, and in his journey saves Ravyn from the demon. However, the mystery of why the demons what Ravyn, who or what she really is, and whether Rhys can protect her while fighting his attraction for her remain.

is interesting, but I thought it was just an okay read. It was not horrible, but it was not something that made me eager to reader the sequel, although the characters I believe will be focused on in the sequel interest me more than Rhys and Ravyn. One of the issues I had was that Ravyn was raised in an abbey, and while it was far from an ideal abbey, Ravyn seemed quick to accept intimacy that I would think someone with no experience might. Not a huge problem, just something that irked me a little as I read. My larger problem was that I felt like I was just dropped into an established world. Like I should have known the year and name of the world as the mythology and theology of the world is mentioned but often not fully explained. I felt like I was missing something, and while some was explained as the story progressed, I still felt like I was missing something even though this is the first book in the series.

All in all Resurrection was all right. There were some grin worthy moments, and some steamy scenes, that kept me reading and interested. There were good fight scenes and some suspense that had me hooked. However, in the end this was just an okay read, something to read in an afternoon when you are bored and looking for something to fill the time. There is potential for the series being really good, but at this point, I am not adding the series to my already lengthy list of those to follow.
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