Book Review- Art of Alice: Madness Returns

The Art of Alice: Madness Returns by R.J Berg is a collection of artwork and some information on the evolution of the sequel to the original American McGee Alice game. Fans of the original game and a dark look at Alice in Wonderland will be enthralled by the quality artwork. The images included in this book are beautiful, bizarre, frightening and brilliant. The dark twists and turns that Alice takes into Wonderland in this journey looks simply fantastic and makes me want to spend some serious time playing the game.

Not every piece of artwork has explanations or details included, but most do. There were a few pieces that I would have loved more information on, but all in all the work and commentary reach a nice blend of stunning artwork and interesting tidbits that would fascinate fans of the game. The included artwork is brilliant, and the evolution of that artwork and the effects the artwork had on game play and story arcs were fascinating, even to a very casual gamer like myself. Readers do not need to be gamers to appreciate The Art of Alice, although gamers that love the Alice games will surely get even more from this beautiful artwork than non-gamers will. The only people that might not enjoy this art book are those that want absolutely no spoilers before they play the game, or those who like their fairy tales or mythology light and fluffy rather than macabre. However, the people that fit that bill are not likely to be looking at The Art of Alice anyway. I would say that if you look at the cover art for this title and are intrigued, then pick it up and read it, you will not be disappointed!
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