L is for Love.

Love is a word that is both used to much, and not said often enough. For example, I love my family to the extent that there are no better words to describe the feeling. I love my children so much that it hurts. however, I have also used love to describe how I feel toward chocolate and coffee. While it might be true, the levels of love towards coffee and my children are so far apart (on most days) that it seems odd that the same term could be used in both situations. I think that many people, myself included, use words like love or nice so often to describe things that the words have lost a great deal of power.

On the other hand, sometime people just are unable to say the word love to someone they love wholeheartedly. We part ways with our spouses, parents, friends, children, whoever we love in our lives while not letting them know how important they are to us. It is often very easy tell a small, behaving child sitting on your lap how much you love them. But telling that same child when they are acting out that you love them and always well is much harder. Telling your significant other that you love them often gets lost in the details of daily life.

I am going to step up and do my part to fix this switch in my life. I am going to spend less words on how much I enjoy that cafe mocha, and more time letting the people in my life know just how important they are to me. I am going to type the words love and nice less often, and say the word love much more to those that deserve to hear it.
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