J is for judgement

On a day where one wacked out radio host is claiming the second coming of Christ and the end of days (again, he did this in 1997 too) I had to stop and think about it all. You know what, if someone has something to fear from a final judgement, than nothing that they can do in a day or two can really make up for it.I mean repentance and grace can save many souls (if that is part of your belief system) but if you live your life the best you can, every day, then what would be so scary about final judgement? Speaking of judgement, you know those people that enjoy judging? You know the ones, those people that like to tell everyone else that they are going to hell,. or not living right, or anything else I think those are the people that should have the most to fear, because they are the ones living lives full of hate, spreading hate and fear to those around them.

I say that if there is a final judgement, when it comes those that are accepting of others, that truly love their neighbors, will be the chosen, regardless of religion. Pagan, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, whatever. Those that live their lives in a positive way, releasing more good than bad into the world are the ones I want to be standing with come the end of days no matter how it comes to be. Now, I know some faiths do not necessarily believe in a rapture like event, but even if the world is just going to end or whatever might happen when a higher power or mankind's own stupidity destroys the planet, wouldn't you rather spend your last moments with genuinely nice people? I know I would!
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