H is for Hope

H is for Hope, not just the little hopes, such as my car not really needing more work now that the check engine light is on. I mean all of the hopes. Big hopes, like my children being strong, happy people as they grow up. That my husband and I continuing to have a strong, healthy marriage. Having enough money to buy the essentials, and maybe a little extra for some fun. Hope to enjoy the simple things in life, to take joy in play and smiles, to be the best me I can be in every given moment.

Those are all the simple, pretty much universal hopes. Everyone has had at least one of two of those hopes in their lives. Then there are the bigger, scarier hopes. The ones that it often feels like we can have no actual impact on in the greater scheme of things. The hopes that effect the whole world. The hopes that peace and compromise can reign, that people everywhere get to live lives that are safe, with governments that give them justice and the right to live their own lives and practice their own religions. That no one in the world would go hungry or suffer lack of resources when what they need is found in excess and going to waste in other places around the world.

So, I try to take those big hopes, and channel those hopes into things I can do. I can help feed people, by donating time, money and or food to local food pantries and soup kitchens. I can mentor a child, take part in programs like big brother, big sister to help a child reach their potential, and in turn show my children that everyone is the same in the heart, and that everyone deserves love and respect. I can reduce my waste, recycle, reuse things, buy smart, grow my own veggies and do other reasonably small things to help the environment as much as I can. I can take small steps the better the world around me. I can encourage that others do the same, and hope that if we all take small steps together, the small actions will add up and make the world better.
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