Y is for Yummy

Y is for Yummy. There are many things than can simply be described as yummy. This time of year my favcorite are the Cadbury Mini Eggs... yummmm. I love those things. But my search for the bag of said treats at work last nigh set off a discussion of food in epic proportions. Other favorites vary through out the wold of chocolate, but I do love some salty foods as well. A hand full of chex mix will satisfy me every time. Fried chicken is my other less than healthy love, especially if mashed potatoes and gravy might come with.  By 7:30 we were all very hungry. What did we end up taking about and craving? Tomatoes and cucumbers fresh from the garden. Simply cut up in a bowl with a splash of italian dressing. Gosh, now I'm drooling again.

I miss having an acre garden chock full of goodness, which is what I had as a child. My days on that farm spoiled me rotten. I cannot eat a tomato bought in a grocery store. It needs to be fresh from my garden at best, from a farmers market at the very least. Any fruit or vegetable tastes better when you know exactly where it came from, and what was used to help it grow and stay healthy. I am already craving the rewards from the garden that has done very little but regrow some grass and sunflowers. I want my yummy, yummy veggies.

What food makes you say Yummy? Everyone has one that triggers at least an internal yummmm.
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