K is for Keep Going

K is for Keep Going, Keep it up, or any other phrase along the same lines. I need keep moving, keep doing, keep thinking. The moment I stop, ahhh, it is just that much harder to get back to going again. I made the mistake of slowing down on my research and home improvement style articles with all the changes being made at Associated Content, or should I say Yahoo Contributor Network. I started focusing on my crochet work, reading and reviewing books. All of which have their own rewards,but none of which bring in the revenue that my gardening and green related content brings me. I need to keep writing, keep thinking, keep.... but I am almost done with this sweater, need to write one more review and get back to reading galleys so that I can get those reviews up before the publication dates. And then there is the actual gardening and home improvement projects that need to get done. Keep going.. keep going.

Thank you to everyone that keeps reading and commenting! I appreciate knowing that someone is reading, eve though I am horrible about responding in kind. I read... but if I have nothing of import or wit to share I often just lurk. I am a lurker in many situations, including actual social events- I'm a fringe kind of girl. I'm getting side tracked again...

Your reading keeps me writing, keeps me thinking, and keeps me motivated. Thank you.
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