F is for

F is for function. I am not one for fancy anything. I would much rather have a beat up bookcase or dresser that does what is suppose to, then one with all sorts of fancy detail work that might make it look nice but reduce its storage space or sturdiness. I am a practical girl, at least with everything but books. I have trouble being practical when it comes to books. I pretty much want to read anything that looks even vaguely interesting.

I like my clothes, car, furniture, whatever to be more about function than appearance. I try to match myself to that tendency. I do not like the small talk and false interactions with other people.But, I work in public so I often have to pretend. My clothes and shoes tend to be more functional that fashionable, though I will admit to loving the horribly impractical peasant blouses, empire waisted shirts and other similar items even though wearing them around my young kids is not a great idea. So, they often sit unworn in favor of more practical wear.

I am not one to offer pat advice or make a comment on an article or post just to provide the 'I read that' function. I will only do so if I feel that I have something of interest, funny or intelligent to say. I want my comments, my words, to have a function. Even my gardens and potted plants need to have more function than just looking pretty. They need to attract butterflies, provide food or herbs, or climb a chain link fence to provide more privacy. If I can combine one or more of these functions in the same space then I am even happier. Many of these plans are all still just plans, waiting for my gardening time and the weather to come together enough to allow me to get really digging.

Even my crochet and other crafting needs to be functional. I am most likely to make an afghan, sweater or something that can be useful instead of a cute critter. Although if I have the time I might do both a blanket and small stuffed toy in matching yarns. Right now it is a sweater for my son, then one for a friend, then maybe me. But, no matter the project I make sure that it will be something that can be used.

I feel guilty and indulgent when i get something because of its form rather than function. Those sandals that just look so cute, but I have no idea what I'll wear them with, or the shirt or skirt that I have no where to wear to. When I pick up those gorgeous skeins of yarn with no project or plans for, just because they are so cool. Or buy that seedling that I have no room for yet, or a neat container to plant in with no plan. I get annoyed and frustrated with myself when I do this, but sometimes it is just so nice to throw practicality and function to the wind and just splurge for a moment. Thankfully all my splurges are rather small, nothing I can regret for too long.
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