Early Book Review: When You Dare by Lori Foster

When You Dare by Lori Foster is a romantic suspense novel due to be released on April 26 2011. It is the first book in the new Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor series. Dare Macintosh is a professional mercenary that always keeps his emotions and person life far away from his work. However, when he rescues a friend's sister from human traffickers in Mexico he finds a complication. A woman that just did not belong in the trailer with the other captured women. Molly Alexander is a writer who has been kidnapped from the street in front of her own apartment building. She has been drugged, beaten and brutalized but still knows that her rescuer is different from the brutal men that had kept her chained up in a trailer. Molly can see that Dare is intimidating and powerful, someone that could easily use violence to deal with any situation, but would rather protect others than bully or harm them. They work together to solve the mystery of who wanted Molly kidnapped, and to keep her safe until the mystery is solved. However, neither is quite sure what scares them more, the possibility of a family member willing to have Molly killed or the intense attraction they have for each other.

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