E is for Elastic

So, elastic might seem like an odd word for a post in a blog about reading and writing. However, I think it is the ease of change and resilience of elastic that a writers mind sometimes resembles. We need to grow, sometimes shirk, squeeze and stretch to fit the requirements of each organization that we might write for. Things change constantly. Sometimes the changes seem huge and unwarranted and other times they seem to come too little too late. However, whatever changes come about writers need to stretch their skills, perceptions and style to get their work published and to get paid for it. While we do not always enjoy the stretching and where it might take us, we are still ourselves, and can fit back into our old ways easily. Sometimes too easily, forgetting the lessons we have learned and why we were stretching to begin with.

Elastic can become brittle and fragile if left sitting still too long. I think we all need to keep stretching and moving to be successful, happy and stay relevant. If we stay still to long we can become gummy or brittle, like that elastic you might find at the bottom of a desk drawer, or hidden away somewhere, that simply snaps the first time you try to use it.

It is not away fun to stay in motion. WE might bristle at the way things are presented or handled. However, regardless of which way you stretch, the key is to stay in motion, keep momentum, so that we can retain our resiliency.

Now to take my own advice and get back to work, struggling to stretch and move to meet the ever changing requirements in the life of a part time writer.
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