Acceptance is important to every reader and writer. I am not talking about the obvious acceptance that everyone needs in life; friendships and such. I am talking about the acceptance of worlds outside ourselves, of different points of view, and of our own ideas. Sometimes it is the last that is the most difficult for me, and some of my fellow writers. Believing that an idea or plot thread is good enough is my biggest challenge in having an inspiration becomes something on paper (or computer screen).

Once I get past accepting that the idea is valid and move onto writing it seems easy. At least until I put on my editing hat. I find it very hard to take that hat off and accept that what I have written, or on my more creative days drawn or crafted, is good. Not simply 'good enough' but GOOD. Worth putting out there with my name on it. In fact, I have very rarely put any of my fiction out there in any way because of this.

I have accepted the validity of my research skills. I accept that I can write well when giving instructions or telling about personal experience. I have accepted that I know what I like and that my opinion is valid. Therefor, I have no trouble reviewing books, coffee, and anything else that I feel strongly about. However, I admit to not accepting any amount of confidence in the fiction that I have written. I get so invested in my characters that I do not want to have their story end, and in turn can not seem to trust that any of the endings that I have considered are acceptable to me, never mind others.

I continually fail to accept responsibility for these stories, and often leave them behind for long periods of time. I use my children, my job, my gardening, anything to excuse the fact that I keep doing other things than going back and finally doing what ever I need to do in order to consider them done. Acceptable and complete. Instead I read, write my reviews, research and write articles, go to work, crochet, garden, clean, whatever else is pressing on my mind. I accept responsibility for my procrastination, I own it, I admit to it.

Admitting you have a problem is the first step in fixing it. Right? Accepting the issue and taking steps to address it. So right after I get today's articles written, find my missing car title and clean the kitchen I just might open up one of those neglected stories and get down to work. Maybe.
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