For those that have asked here is a general life update.

My youngest is turning two in a couple weeks, which is scary. She is learning everything far too quickly and is out pacing her big brother in vocabulary at record speed. Big brother is doing a super job staying potty focused despite the changes to our schedule. I hope he adjusts as well to the changes to come, like the new house and preschool.

The house is moving forward. The appraisal finally happened, and went well. The current owners have already done all the little things we asked for after the inspection as well as the one the the appraiser wanted done. Three more weeks until the mortgage commitment date. As long as that comes through with no delays we should be closing and moving the first week of August.

Also, I was made a Featured Contributor on Associated Content for Arts & Entertainment. I'm afraid that some parts of my life are going too well. The only shadow is my Mother in law's illness, and I hate that there is nothing I can do to help. It is sad seeing such an active, vibrant woman losing her strength and ability to get out there and DO. I wish more progress had already been made in fighting ALS. There seem to be great things for fighting it on the way, but getting them to people and studies will likely take too long to help us.
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