Early Book Review: What Breathes Through Its Butt?: Mind-Blowing Science Questions Answered by Emily Grossman, Alice Bowsher

What Breathes Through Its Butt?: Mind-Blowing Science Questions Answered,
 written by Emily Grossman and illustrated by Alice Bowsher, is currently scheduled for release on November 10 2020. Why is your elbow called your funny bone? How could you escape the grip of a crocodile’s jaw? Which animal can breathe through its butt? This book uncovers the amazing scientific explanations behind all sorts of questions that can pop into our heads. Can an egg bounce? How can a giraffe’s ridiculously long neck contain the same number of bones as a human’s? How much does the Internet weigh? With delightful interactive features that invite readers to guess answers to questions and make links between different scientific concepts.

What Breathes Through Its Butt? is a book that answers a number of the wacky and interesting questions that wee might never have thought to ask. Some of the information was very interesting and I learned a bit about things I never thought to wonder about. I found that the writing and illustrations were well paired, and aimed at readers that like silly or gross humor, and those with fairly short attention spans. I think this might be a great book for getting reluctant readers to read, and maybe reread. I feel like the author and illustrator worked well together on this book and the final product will certainly interest and entertain a number of young readers- and I can picture it being a regular check out in an elementary school library. For my tastes it just catered a little too much to the goofy and not quite as much on the encouraging further research as I would have liked. 

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