Early Book Review: Ray by Marianna Coppo

Ray by Marianna Coppo is a picturebook currently scheduled for release on May 26 2020. At the end of the hall, near the staircase, is a closet. In that closet lives Ray, who is a light bulb. Ray spends most of his time in darkness, which is pretty boring if you don't know how to fill it. So boring that Ray usually slips into a dreamless sleep. Everything changes one day when Ray is migrated into a portable lantern and taken on the trip of a lifetime. He wakes up in a much larger closet (the outside), surrounded by incredible things - too many to count! Everything is super big, and Ray has never felt so small. And in the morning, Ray makes an incredible discovery which will change his life forever.

Ray is a cute book about a lightbulb that might be a little bored in his comfort zone, but has no complaints. Being moved to a camping lantern for a short trip gives Ray the chance to see the larger world, and while it might be scary, he takes the time to look around and soak it all in. Sometimes seeing the larger world through another's eyes helps us appreciate them more,  and I think getting the chance to see the stars, the trees, and of course the sun, through Ray's eyes can help readers of all ages think about how amazing some of the things we take for granted really are. 
Ray is a lovely picturebook. It would be great for sharing anytime, but might be most impactful before camping or going somewhere new. 

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