Early Book Review: The Illustrated Dinosaur Encyclopedia: A Visual Who's Who of Prehistoric Life by Barry Cox; R. J. G. Savage; Brian Gardiner; Colin Harrison

The Illustrated Dinosaur Encyclopedia: A Visual Who's Who of Prehistoric Life by Barry Cox, R. J. G. Savage, Brian Gardiner, and Colin Harrison​ is currently scheduled for release on May 19 2020. There are entries for more than 600 species, arranged in its evolutionary sequence.  From predatory dinosaurs to primitive amphibians, from giant armored fish to woolly mammoths, saber-tooth tigers, and dire wolves. Each entry features a specially commissioned full-color painting prepared according to the best research of today in close collaboration with world renowned paleontologists. The records of rocks—fossil bones, teeth, skin, hair, and even footprints and nests—have been combined with knowledge of the anatomy and behavior of present day descendants to arrive at informed judgments about posture, color, and other aspects of appearance. Lively and informative "biographies" of the creatures accompany these remarkable illustrations: how they moved, what they ate, where they ranged, and the habitats and ecological niches they occupied.

The Illustrated Dinosaur Encyclopedia is a comprehensive guide to over 600 species of dinosaurs. Information about fossils, evolution, and other related subjects. It is well organized and highly detailed, with beautiful artwork and well structured pages the book is easy to browse, read in order, or search up a favorite bit of information.  I really like that an effort was made to compare  the subject to current animals- making the information more understandable and accessible to readers. The artwork and images were wonderful on their own, but in context of the book they were valuable and add a great deal to the overall read. 

This book would be a prized addition to a personal library for those with interest in dinosaurs and prehistoric times. It would also be a great addition to public, school, and classroom libraries. 

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