Book Review: Serafina and the Seven Stars (Serafina) by Robert Beatty

Serafina and the Seven Stars is the fourth book in the Serafina series by Robert Beatty. I do recommend reading this series in order.

Serafina, the Guardian of Biltmore Estate, has won battle after battle against the dark forces encroaching on her home. Now, tranquility has returned to Biltmore. Serafina doesn't trust it. She patrols the grounds night and day, hardly sleeping, uncertain of her place after her best friend Braeden Vanderbilt's departure for boarding school in New York. When Mr. Vanderbilt, the kind master of Biltmore, asks Serafina to move upstairs into one of the house's grandest rooms, she's sure it's to keep an eye on the guests who have arrived for the estate's annual hunt. But as Serafina investigates, she becomes more and more unsettled by what Biltmore has become-a place haunted by nameless terrors where no dark corridor is safe. Even worse, she begins to doubt her own senses. Is Braeden really hundreds of miles away, or did he return to Biltmore for one strange night before vanishing? Is the bond between them truly broken or is it stronger than ever? Then Serafina witnesses a crime that turns her world upside down. How can all that once seemed good and worthy of protection now be evil? And how can she guard those around her when she can't even be sure of the truth of her own heart? 

Serafina and the Seven Stars is an thoroughly engaging read. I received an advanced copy from the publisher and kept putting off reading it because I was afraid it would not live up to my expectations. I should not have worried- I got lost in the book and read it in a single afternoon- including a couple breaks to bake and decorate my daughter's birthday cake. If you have enjoyed the series so far- just read it. You will be happy you did, and only sad because you finished it.

For those of you that want more information, this book hit me in the feels hard. Serafina is not trusting the peace- waiting for the next disaster to strike. I often waste peaceful moments doing the same, but in this case SErafina was right to be weary. She ends up doubting herself and the people she trusts most looking to keep everyone at Biltmore safe. I felt bad for her through the majority of the book, since so much of it is about Serafina learning to trust herself and wage the battles mostly on her own, and then to trust in those that support her. I will admit that I caught a few hints in the story and had a good idea about where the dangers were coming from fairly early in the story, but the search for the whole truth and how to come out on top was well worth the journey the book takes readers on. I felt like the story had a solid conclusion, with the danger past and a clear way forward in mind, but there is still room for more stories from the Biltmore.

Serafina and the Seven Stars is a perfect addition to this series, especially since I was not expecting about Serafina and the Biltmore after Willa's series began.

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