Early Book Review: Frederik Sandwich and the Mayor Who Lost Her Marbles (Frederick Sandwich) by Kevin John Scott

Frederik Sandwich and the Mayor Who Lost Her Marbles is the second book in the Frederick Sandwich series by Kevin John Scott. This middle grade novel is currently schedule for release on February 1 2019. I would recommend reading this series in order, because so much happened in the first book that I think newcomers would miss out on much of the set up and character building. 

The evil mayor of Frederik’s Hill is determined that no one will ruin her upcoming International Midsummer Festival. And town troublemakers Frederik and Pernille are trying to keep a low profile, but seem to have been the source of some pesky zombie rumors that are flooding the town and indeed threatening to do just that. Determined to turn the spotlight off them, Frederik plans to expose the mayor’s big secret—one she has kept hidden for years and involves a legion of valuable statues and an elephant stampede. But then the worst happens. Pernille goes missing and Frederik learns that her disappearance is a part of the mayor’s horrible plan to deport all foreigners from Frederik’s Hill. Now it’s up to him to stop the mayor before it’s too late.
Frederik Sandwich and the Mayor Who Lost Her Marbles is just as good as the first book in this series, which introduces our characters and the town they live in. I liked the continued growth of Frederik, and how he comes to better understand himself and those around him. The danger, mystery, and adventure is high throughout the story are Frederick and Pernille try to uncover the secrets of the town and how to stay safe while not endangering those that mean the most to them. I think the combination of Frederick trying to figure everything out, while deciding who he can trust and what the right thing to do is in a wide variety of situations was well balanced and had me reading well after I should have put the book aside. I think the characters were sympathetic and enjoyable to read about. I greatly enjoyed the twists and turns, and the conclusion. My only worry is that this felt rather like the end, with only a few bureaucratic loose ends to tie up at the end. I rather want more, but at the same time I worry that continuing would not stand up to the quality that the first two books have exhibited. 
Frederik Sandwich and the Mayor Who Lost Her Marbles is a fun, exciting, and engaging read that I fully enjoyed. I loved the characters and the mystery and mayhem that is such an essential part of the story.  

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