Book Review: Midnight Reynolds and the Agency of Spectral Protection by Catherine Holt

Midnight Reynolds and the Agency of Spectral Protection by Catherine Holt is the second book in the Midnight Reynolds series. I do recommend reading the series in order, as it will help explain some of the connections and background. Although I do think a determined reader could catch on. 

Twelve-year-old Midnight Reynolds has a huge secret—she’s a spectral protector, someone who helps ghosts cross over into the afterlife. Alongside her best friend Tabitha, Midnight is busy juggling the wilds of middle school with her undercover ghost-hunting job. When mysterious and dangerous robberies start happening in their small town, all signs point to some sort of spectral manipulation, and Midnight’s boss asks her to take over the investigation. Can Midnight find the culprit and stop them before the spectral energy endangers their town?

Midnight Reynolds and the Agency of Spectral Protection is a mystery and coming of age story that works well as part of a series. Midnight is still trying to find her balance, working to solve the mysteries of the spectral enhanced robberies while her mother plans a wedding, her sister dates a new guy, and her own social life continues to become more complicated. I like how the social and personal growth for Midnight and her family is just as important as the mystery of who is staging the robberies. Nothing is in story as filler, it is all important to the growth of the characters and the forward movement of the story. While I do not know any kids running around dealing with spectral energy, but I do know many that are (or have) gone through the struggles of balancing different parts of their lives and wanting to be perfect in every separate moment. I really enjoyed the ride, and while I had my suspicions with the mystery, I loved the way it played out and how the characters dealt with all of the challenges they faced. 

Midnight Reynolds and the Agency of Spectral Protection  is a wonderful follow up to the first book in this series. I cannot wait to see what Midnight and crew get involved in next. 

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