Book Review: This Is a Taco by Andrew Congelose, Josh Shipley

This Is a Taco is a picturebook written by Andrew Congelose and illustrated by Josh Shipley. This is a squirrel, one named Taco that does not eat nuts and tree bark—blech—he prefers tacos! This twist on a children's nature primer teaches kids that the most important story is the one you write yourself.
This Is a Taco is an informative but fun look at the squirrel. What they eat, how they move, and who eats them. Our narrator, Taco, is not too thrilled with the information about flying squirrels (because he isn't one) and hawks. So, he does his best to strike hawks from his story and to get himself some more of his favorite food- tacos. Things do not go quite as planned, but he still gets himself a special, happy ending.I loved the illustrations and the breaking of the third wall as the squirrel entertains and teaches readers of all ages.the colors and hints of fun in each of the pages made the read great fun. Much like Taco, I prefer tacos to bark and nuts, and do not think I would like the idea of being snatched up by a hawk. I think the book could offer readers of all ages a bit of knowledge, a few laughs, and a touch of empathy. 

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