Early Book Review: Sir Tim Wants a Dragon by Judith Koppens, Eline van Lindenhuizen

Sir Tim Wants a Dragon is a picturebook written by Judith Koppens and illustrated by Eline van Lindenhuizen. It is currently scheduled for release on July 1 2018. Sir Tim wants a pet, but not just any kind of pet. Tim wants a dragon, because “All knights have dragons.” Tim says decisively. “I’m a knight so I need a dragon!” Tim and Mom go to the pet shop together, but the pet shop does not sell any dragons. Or do they?

Sir Tim Wants a Dragon is a cute picturebook about a young man with a big imagination. As he plays knight he becomes determined that he needs a pet dragon. Not an unexpected result to any parent or caregiver to be honest. When they go to the pet store he is disappointed that there are no real dragons. I liked the illustrations, I found the artwork to be very nice to look at, and offering extra details and some humor on each page.

I was glad that Sir Tim refrained from having a temper tantrum when a dragon was unavailable, but disappointed that a bearded dragon or other aptly named lizard was not the solution, I was half expecting it. I did like that he was able to compromise- although I was less than thrilled Tim ends up with a labor intensive pet with no talk of responsibility and no preparations. I know it is a book for the youngest readers, but the idea of getting anything you want without working for it or responsibility bothers me.

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