Book Review: Destination: Planet Earth by Jo Nelson, Tom Clohosy Cole

Destination: Planet Earth is a children's non fiction book written by Jo Nelson, and illustrated by Tom Clohosy Cole. This book offers a visual field trip of our planet, from volcanoes and coursing rivers to towering mountains and the deepest valleys. This journey of discovery introduces young readers to physical geography in all forms: learn about weather and climate, see how the water cycle works and explore the science behind Earth's earthquakes, eruptions and tsunamis. Packed with epic facts and breathtaking illustrations, this book will take young explorers on the trip of a lifetime.
Destination: Planet Earth is well balanced between fun and informative pictures and detailed text. It is a solid introduction for children to the different sciences that describe and explain our planet, like geography, to the basics of ecology, the whys of tides and magnetic field, how we need to protect the environment in which we live, and so much more. No one topic gets extensive coverage, but the basics of each topic covered is well explained and illustrated with out crossing the line of overwhelming the younger readers. . If you are looking for a quick and concise explanation on just about everything Earth related, this is the book for you, and your library or classroom. This book just might encourage further research in the field touched upon, or inspire a future scientist's interest. 

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