Book Review: Claiming Felicity (Ace Security) by Susan Stoker

Claiming Felicity is the fourth book in the Ace Security series by Susan Stoker. While the romance and the danger surrounding Felicity stands up by itself. However, fans of the series will have a better understanding of the characters, the town, the friendships, and what some of the characters have already gone through to get to this point. So, newcomers to the author will be able to enjoy the read, but those that have followed the series will get much more from it.

Former mercenary Ryder Sinclair’s stunning discovery that he has three half brothers in Castle Rock, Colorado, is giving them all the chance to color in the spaces of their tragic pasts. For Ryder, establishing roots is made all the more desirable by Felicity Jones. But if Ryder’s instincts are correct, this breathtaking beauty is in trouble. Castle Rock isn’t Felicity’s home. Like her false identity, it’s just a cover. All she wants is enough cash to keep moving to another temporary hideaway—to stay on the run from a secret that’s haunted her for years. As safe as Ryder’s strong embrace makes her feel, she fears that falling for him, and staying in Colorado, will put everyone she’s come to love in danger. The more Ryder learns about Felicity, the more determined he is not to let her go. It’s time for her to stop running—even as a relentless danger closes in, threatening their love and their lives.

Claiming Felicity is the last book in the Ace Security series (I think, although there promises to be a off shoot series). I was glad to see Felicity get her story told, she was one of my favorite characters in the entire series. She is on the run from an obsessive guy who thinks she did him wrong by reporting an abuse situation. She has been alone and running for so long that she is ready to do it again, but this time to protect those important to her more than to protect herself. Ryder might only be the half brother to the Anderson brothers, but he has the same kind of instant connection and attraction to Felicity as the other guys had to their counterparts. I like that while the connection was instant, and the alpha male protection mode was on right away, Ryder also respected Felicity and never rushed her to come to any decision or share things she was not comfortable. That kind of strong but honorable hero works for me, even though I find the instant "I'm going to marry her" thing to be a little off putting. However, the fact that the relationship was a slow burn, despite Ryder's focus on Felicity. I found the bad guy to be fascinating, and I think a study of how he went so wrong would be interesting, maybe the spin off series can pair a person with some insight with one of Ryder's buddies who will feature in the next series, although I still want to see Cole find his match. Needless to say, I will be continuing to follow Stoker's writing, and try to find the time to go back and read some of the series that I missed prior to finding these books. 

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