Early Book Review: The Space Adventurer's Guide by Peter McMahon, Josh Holinaty

The Space Adventurer's Guide, written by Peter McMahon and illustrated by , Josh Holinaty, is a non fiction book that is currently scheduled for release on May 1 2018. It's not just astronauts who get to travel into space anymore. Forward-thinking entrepreneurs have now made space flight a reality for adventure-seekers of all kinds. While prices and availability make the likely hood of a trip in the near future slim to none, this book is a travel guide for kids to plan their own out-of-this-world journeys. Eight potential space vacations are described, one per chapter, complete with information about pre-trip preparations (like training to withstand extreme g-forces), accommodations and dining (hot dogs in zero gravity, anyone?), awesome activities (how about a real moon walk?) and so much more. The trips range from orbiting Earth (available now), to voyaging through Saturn's rings, which may be possible within the next few decades. Featuring the coolest things to see and do in the universe, these space vacations are not to be missed!
The Space Adventurer's Guide is a full on travel and technical guide to what one should do to prepare for a trip to space, and what they might be able to do or experience while there. I like that the information was current, and includes first person accounts from people in the field. I found the photographs and artwork to be eye catching, and think they will help hold the attention of most readers. The text was in good sized portions, with fun text boxes and quick facts to break things up a little. Some of the activities and ideas featured I found to be fascinating, and I think elementary and middle school readers that are obsessed with going into space as I was at their age will love this book. I could see it being a favorite for interested readers at home and as a valuable resource in school, classroom and public libraries. The glossary and index included in the endpages only make this book more accessible and useful for readers, and I found them helpful. I can think of some kids that will simply adore this book, although I worry that they might expect a trip in their near future, which I suspect will be well out of my budget indefinitely. 

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