Early Book Review: Nothing Happens In This Book by Judy Ann Sadler, Vigg

Nothing Happens In This Book is a picturebook written by Judy Ann Sadler and illustrated by Vigg. It is currently scheduled for release on May 1 2018. The narrator of this picturebook warns us:Reader, don't waste your time with this book. “You might as well stick it back on the shelf,”“Or toss it under your bed. You don't need to read it because it looks like nothing happens in this book.” But, wait, he's spotted something. There's a trumpet without a trumpeter. And there's a tiny car without a driver. And a baton without a twirler. Maybe if you keep turning the pages, you'll find out who is missing these items. Maybe they are all together, getting ready to do something awesome. Maybe something amazing does happen in this book after all! The text and visual narrative work hand in hand in this playful, page-turning meta picture book, encouraging children to join in on the quest to find the seemingly missing story.
Nothing Happens In This Book is a fun interactive picturebook that leads readers on a hunt to see what might happen. There are clues on each page, and as out character discovers missing objects and moves forwards young readers are encouraged to imagine what might be coming. I thought the text and pictures were playfully paired, with a subtle humor and a hunt that encourages listener and reader participation. While I had a digital copy, the paper edition includes a gatefold spread to reveal the busy parade that completes the story and solves the mystery of just who lost all the wacky items, and what their plan was. This book would make a wonderful read a loud, one on one or in a library or classroom setting. It can also be used to start a discussion on story writing, telling, or building for an older audience. 

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