Early Book Review: Manfried the Man by Caitlin Major, Kelly Bastow

Manfried the Man is a graphic novel by Caitlin Major and Kelly Bastow that reverses the roles of cats and people. It is currently scheduled for release on May 1 2018.

Manfried is a stray man taken in by Steve Catson, a slacker with a dead-end job and nonexistent love life. Soon Manfried becomes the Garfield to Steve’s Jon Arbuckle: lazy, selfish, and sometimes maddening in his weird human behavior. Yet the pair depends on each other to get through life’s troubles. When Manfried runs away, Steve musters his meager resources to find his best man-friend and bring him home safe. Ultimately, both Steve and Manfried realize they’re capable of so much more than they thought.

Manfried the Man is a clever idea, that I am surprised has not already done. The art is very well done, and tells a story that is not all sunshine and roses. Steve has a dead end job, and even that does not last. He doubts himself, his worth, and worries about how others see him. I think most single adults, and most cat lovers (single or not) can relate to many of the conflicts, thoughts, and wackiness that happens around pets. I found that there were times my heart broke for Steve, times I worried for Manfried, and other times that the action made me smile or giggle. I think most cat lovers will get something from the read, and I think it will resonate with many readers as well. I enjoyed the read, even the less happy moments, and found it very much worth my time. 

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