Book Review: Ada Lovelace (Little People, Big Dreams) by Isabel Sanchez Vegara, Zafouko Yamamoto

Ada Lovelace, written by Isabel Sanchez Vegara and illustrated by Zafouko Yamamoto, is part of the Little People, Big Dreams series. Meet Ada Lovelace, the British mathematician and daughter of poet Lord Byron. From her early love of logic, to her plans for the world's first computer program, learn about Ada's life in this mini biography for readers as young as four years. This inspiring story of her life features a facts and photos section at the back.
Ada Lovelace is a biography for young readers, that is well done and charmingly illustrated. I found the combination of facts and cute to be inspiring and informative for readers of all ages that want a quick lesson on the woman behind the technology that changed our world. I like that the book encourages children to combine the things they love with the things they need and learn about. That just might be the encouragement the next game changer needs to follow their dreams and create something that will change the way we think and work all over again. I liked the time line and additional information that is included at the end of the book intended for older readers and those that might be sharing this book with younger readers. I think I am going to need to explore this series a little more, both for myself and the school library. 

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