Book Review: What a Highlander's Got to Do (Untamed Highlander) by Sabrina York

What a Highlander's Got to Do is the fifth book in the Untamed Highlander series by Sabrina York. Each book in the series has some character carry over, but they can all be read as stand alones. 
Isobel Dounreay Lochlannach is a fierce and independent Scots lass. She has no intention to marry—to submit to a man—especially not an Englishman. But when she meets a devilish stable lad on the way to London, she can’t help but sneak a kiss with the handsome stranger, sure to never see him again. Nick Wyeth is not a stable lad. He’s Viscount Stirling, and heir to one of the most powerful dukes in the realm. If their indiscretion is discovered, Isobel will be forced to marry him, to succumb to a fate she has always spurned. Nick wants nothing but to call this wild Scottish lass his own, and is determined to show her how an English Viscount can make her swoon, and be his forever.

What a Highlander's Got to Do is a historical romance with many twists and turns. We have the headstrong, capable Isobel on her way to London for a season she does not want. I like that while she is resilient and strong she is also scared of losing herself and does not want to become the wife of someone who would cage or own her. Nick makes a mistake in no clearing up a case of mistaken identity in the beginning, but that is only the start of the problems for a viscount that had no interest in marriage before running into Isobel and their moments together. I enjoyed the family and friend connections, and the humor and honest discussions they have with Nick and Isobel in turn, trying to help them find their path. I also like that for the most part, Isobel and Nick are as honest with each other as they are with themselves. I am a big fan of romantic couples actually talking things out rather than skating over the issues that had been between them earlier or ignoring them completely. The danger element added some spark to the story, and certainly added some excitement. It was well done, and good fun and wrapped up quickly, but I wonder if it was needed.I also liked that the external conflicts were fairly easy to over come, but the inner doubts and struggles were the heart of the barriers between Isobel and Nick. Their communication and connection was beautifully done. As a whole, I greatly enjoyed the read for the characters, their interaction, and the humor I found in those interactions.

What a Highlander's Got to Do is a wonderful historical romance from York, although I have come to expect nothing less. If you are a fan, then you know you will already be giving this book a go. If you are not a fan yet, but love a good historical with a touch of a brogue, then give the author a try.

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