Book Review: Sullivan (Rock Creek 6) by Linda Winstead Jones

Sullivan is the second book in the Rock Creek 6 series by Linda Winstead Jones. You do not read the series in order to understand the story, or the characters. While those reading the books as a series will get a little bit more from the read, newcomers will still be able to fully enjoy the story.

A half-breed bastard, Sinclair Sullivan knows he has no place in the world. Not with white men, not with the Comanche – and certainly not with Eden Rourke, the sister of one of his only friends. But when Eden meets him on the road to Rock Creek, she insists that he accompany her to town. With two orphaned waifs in her wagon, and enough determination to fell a much more stubborn man, Eden’s demand is irresistible  and once in Rock Creek, Sullivan finds himself unable to resist stealing more than one kiss. She’s certain that their love is written in the stars, despite her brother’s objections and yet, Sullivan must first convince himself that he’s the man his lovely Eden deserves.

Sullivan is a historical romance with characters that tug at the heart strings. Eden is one of those people that always looks for the good in the world, and when reality offers hard choices she does what she can to make things better for everyone. Eden has collected to orphans, and a wounded Sullivan on her journey to Rock Creek. I  loved her take charge attitude and how she just kind of gets her way, not by trickery or calculated manipulation- but just by virtue of being thoughtful and typically right. Sullivan does not think much of his standing in life, and does not want to drag Eden into the less than perfect life he sees for himself. I like that the majority of the struggles between the pair are with their own perceptions- although there is real and significant danger at play as well too. I also like that Sullivan and Eden actually talk about the issues at hand, and avoid the trap of causing their own problems rather than facing them together. The danger is two fold, and kept me on edge through a good portion of the book, although I suspected some of the causes behind the problems. I think my favorite part is seeing the evolution of the town, and the characters, as the book and series continues on.

Sullivan is another read with well written characters and a compelling story, just as expected from a veteran author like Jones. 

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