Early Book Review: I Got a Chicken for My Birthday by Laura Gehl, Sarah Horne

I Got a Chicken for My Birthday is a picturebook written by Laura Gehl, and illustrated by Sarah Horne. It is currently scheduled for release on March 1 2018. All the birthday girl wants from her Abuela is a ticket to the amusement park. Instead, she gets a chicken. But this chicken is no ordinary chicken; it has plans! With a lot of hard work, and help from other animals, this chicken may just end up granting the girl the best birthday gift ever.
I Got a Chicken for My Birthday is a fun and imaginative picture book. I love the crazy skills the chicken demonstrates, and think the imagination of the author- and her main character- are highly entertaining. I found the artwork to fit the story well, and does a great job of hinting at the chicken's actions without giving away too much before the big reveal. I like that among all the silliness is the message that even though the gifts received might not meet expectations- sometimes they are even better. I found myself smiling through the entire read, and think it will be a much loved read for many. 

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