Book Review: Only for You (Sugar Lake) by Melissa Foster

Only for You is the second book in the Sugar Lake series by Melissa Foster. The first book was The Real Thing (which I loved), and while I read this book because of the first, it is not necessary to read the series in order and each is fine as a stand alone.
Single mom Bridgette Dalton doesn’t have time to stop and smell the roses, not even in her own flower shop. But that doesn’t mean she hasn’t noticed Bodhi Booker. Her ruggedly handsome next-door neighbor would be the perfect candidate for a no-strings fling. Having loved and lost, Bridgette’s not ready to hand over her heart. However, she could use a distraction. Bodhi has one rule: never leave anyone behind. As a special operative, he knows that each new mission is more dangerous than the last. He’s never made a promise of forever to a woman, not even to the beautiful widow who has him tied in knots. And if there were anyone who could tempt him into putting down roots, it would be Bridgette and her adorable son. But as his next deployment nears, they make a startling discovery. Their passion, meant only for the here and now, might already be blossoming into something more.

Only for You is a solid contemporary romance that does a good job of balancing the fears of being hurt or hurting others with way love sneaks up on us at the most inconvenient moment. Bridgette lost her first husband and has thrown herself into raising her son giving no time or thought into finding love again. Bodhi has one goal, to get a house ready for his mother before he is deployed again, knowing any mission could be his last. Neither want to fall in love, and fight the attraction. I love the way they discuss their losses and what the future holds- as soon as they actually start talking. The depth to each character, including the secondary characters, is very well done and I love how real they all feel. As with all of Foster's book, the families and towns that surround the main characters are just as big a part of the story as the main couple, and do a lot towards making the story engaging and real to the reader. The rationalizing and struggles Bodhi and Bridgette endure grab a hold of you and do not let go. Even after finishing the book, and reading the conclusion I want to know what happens next. Not because anything was missing, but because I care so much for the characters that I want to know about the next stage (or two) of their lives together.

Only for You is a solid follow up to The Real Thing. The realistic characters, conversations, and family make the story real, and leave readings wanting more. Another contemporary romance win from Foster.

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