Book Review: Gemini Keeps Capricorn (Signs of Love) by Anyta Sunday

Gemini Keeps Capricorn is the third book in the Signs of Love series by Anyta Sunday. Each book in the series can stand up fine on its own, however some characters from previous books do have cameos.

Wesley loves annoying his RA, Lloyd Reynolds. He just can’t help it. Lloyd is focused, decisive, grounded. He has this amusing ability to follow rules. Of course Wesley wants Lloyd to break one, or more. But Lloyd doesn’t crack easily. He’s full of principles. He’s unshakable. He’s the perfect friend to have when Wesley needs help. Like with his truant brother and his old high school principal. One little lie is all it takes to find Wesley fake-engaged to his off-limits RA. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Gemini Keeps Capricorn is a delightfully slow burn, and Wesley is a fun but clueless main character that makes the journey entertaining and more than a little frustrating. I loved the banter and friendship between Lloyd and Wes, it made me smile. I found the family drama and hard life choices that need to be made to be on point and realistic. There characters reminded me of people I new in college, and afterward, and felt like people I might run into in real life. The background stories, Wes's brother Caleb and the parent connections, did not distract from the relationship growth, rather they added to it and help build on it. I love that I could get lost in the characters and the day to day issues, and enjoy the developing friendship and more. Sunday's stories are so much about people, life, and getting to know yourself and be yourself that I wish more people would discover her work- particularly those that cannot get past other people being different. I wish I did not have close to two hundred books in my Netgalley queue so I could go read more from Sunday right now, without the guilt. I will get to them though- eventually. 

Gemini Keeps Capricorn is another slow burn from Sunday that I loved. All I could ask for to change here (or any of the books in this series) is to get a glimpse into the other main character's head. I just want more!

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