Early Book Review: That Killer Smile (Bite Nights or V-Date) by Juliet Lyons

That Killer Smile is the third book in the Bite Nights or V-Date series by Juliet Lyons. Most of this story can stand on its own, but I think those that have read the previous books will definitely be more invested in finding out about this pair's happy ever after. It is currently scheduled for release on February 6 2018. 

Vampire Catherine Adair gave up trying to find her perfect match ages ago. But that didn’t stop her from founding London’s super successful vampire dating site. When a smoldering vampire overlord from her past launches a rival speed-dating service, Catherine vows to crush the competition. Ronin’s new venture is purely about getting Catherine’s attention. He hasn’t stopped thinking about her ever since the night she gave him the cold shoulder. Nobody gets away from Ronin McDermott that easily.

That Killer Smile is a book that I was rater looking forward to. The previous books in the series had me invested in the volitial relationship between Cat and Ronin, so I went in with high expectations. I think this was my problem. Cat and Ronin weere both well developed (if you have been following the series) and their lust/hate interactions were entertaining. The danger and drama was well plotted and suspenseful. I did enjoy them opening up to each other, and sharing their pasts and having mature conversations. My problem is that I wanted more, I do not know what I was looking for, or what I was missing to enjoy the read more. I suspected the connection of the big bad, and I found that even having read the previous books te full reasoning of the sheer strength of animosity between the pair still kind of unexplained, I felt like there should have been more to it than there was, even with the combination of factors that were included. It was a good, solid read for those that enjoy the series, and those that are fans of Lyons.  I think I was just looking forward to the story a little too much, and had built up my expectations too high to be able to just enjoy the read.

That Killer Smile is a good edition to the series, and I think most readers that would read it will enjoy it. I think my own exceptions got in the way, normal I just start reading the next book in my queue without looking at summaries before hand (there are so many books in my Kindle that I often forget by the time I start to read) and I made the mistake of not following that pattern here. 

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