Early Book Review: The Prince and the Dressmaker by Jen Wang

The Prince and the Dressmaker by Jen Wang is a young to new adult graphic novel currently scheduled for release on February 13 2018.

Paris, at the dawn of the modern age: Prince Sebastian is looking for a bride—or rather, his parents are looking for one for him. Sebastian is too busy hiding his secret life from everyone. At night he puts on daring dresses and takes Paris by storm as the fabulous Lady Crystallia—the hottest fashion icon in the world capital of fashion! Sebastian’s secret weapon (and best friend) is the brilliant dressmaker Frances—one of only two people who know the truth: sometimes this boy wears dresses. But Frances dreams of greatness, and being someone’s secret weapon means being a secret. Forever. How long can Frances defer her dreams to protect a friend? 

The Prince and the Dressmaker is a graphic novel that is classically romantic; a story about identity, friendship, and character. I loved the character building and arc for the major players. I adored Frances, Sebastian, and the immediate circle of friends. I think the story of finding yourself, who you are, and what you want, is universal- even if you have nothing else in common with Frances and Sebastian. The evolution of their friendship, and how honest it was just took my breath away. It was a heart warming journey with the requisite bumps along the way. The importance of truth and art throughout the story was key to the heart of the story, and made it work so well. I will admit that the only artwork I was not thrilled with were some of the renderings of Lady Crystallia, but that could have just been the way the graphics loaded on my Kindle. 

The Prince and the Dressmaker is a beautifully drawn graphic novel that tells a story of friendship, self discover, and the importance of being honest about who you really are. I love the exploration of friendship and identity, and think most people will enjoy the read. Those with linear views on gender and sexual identity are the only readers that I think might react badly to the book. 

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