Book Review: Tilly and Tank by Jay Fleck

Tilly and Tank is a picturebook by Jay Fleck.  Tilly the elephant is taking her morning stroll when she notices something strange on the horizon. Is it another elephant? The newcomer has a trunk and tail, but he's a very curious shade of green. Tank, on the other hand, notices an odd-looking creature approaching. It has a barrel and a turret, like Tank, but is a curious shade of blue. Is it a new enemy tank? Tank's alarm sounds and he goes BOOM, scaring Tilly off. But when Tilly returns with a flower, Tank begins to understand that she might not be an enemy at all.
Tilly and Tank is a nice story about understanding, assumptions, and friendship. I think it speaks to the way many kids and adults make assumptions about others based on their own personality and experiences rather than taking the time to learn about the new things and people they encounter in the world. The illustrations are charming and do a good job of telling the story and giving life to the characters. This is an all around good read, with a lesson about prejudice, peace, and friendship. I think it is an important message, and one handled well here, in a way that is not so in your face that readers of all ages cannot enjoy the read. 

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