Early Book Review: Heart on Fire (Kingmaker Chronicles) by Amanda Bouchet

Heart on Fire is the third book (and conclusion) to the Kingmaker Chronicles by Amanda Bouchet. I highly recommend reading the entire series in order, not just because it is fabulous, but also because the background and intricacies of the world Bouchet built requires it to understand this book and fully enjoy the ride.
Who is Catalia Fisa? With the help of pivotal figures from her past, Cat begins to understand the root of her exceptional magic, her fated union with Griffin Sinta, and Griffin's role in shaping her destiny. Only Cat holds the key to unlocking her own power, and that means finally accepting herself, her past, and her future in order to protect her loved ones, confront her murderous mother, and taking a final, terrifying step--reuniting all three realms and taking her place as the Queen of Thalyria. What doesn't kill her will only make her stronger, we hope.

Heart on Fire is a book I was eager to read, but still dreading. I love this world and story, and I was sad to see it end- although I hope the world will continue on in related books. As usual Catalia is trying to figure out her powers, and trying to unite people with as few lives lost as possible. However, there are huge trails ahead and little in way of directions. Griffin is still the stalwart and loving partner, and I loved seeing their relationship grow and change to keep pace with the danger and challenges ahead. I Think both characters grew through out the book, but Cat's inner conflicts and discoveries about herself are the force behind the book. I liked that while so much of the book was her struggling to deal with the gods, fate, and her mother- it never felt like a pity party. Too often a character that needs to face issues of this magnitude ends up feeling too whiny or self involved for me. This did not happen here, instead it was all part of the necessary journey. I was impressed with the amount of twists and turns the story took, and with the amount of mythology that was used. I was surprised several times, and fully invested in the well-being of the characters.

Heart on Fire is a wonderful conclusion to a trilogy. I was very happy with the action and resolution. I only hope that Bouchet keeps writing about this world she has created, because I want to know more about what happens next in the lives of several secondary characters. 

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