Early Book Review: Collision Course (Body Shop Bad Boys) by Marie Harte

Collision Course is the forth book in the Body Shop Bad Boys series by Marie Harte. While it is more satisfying to read this book as part of the larger series (and other interconnected series), it can be fully enjoyed on its own. It is currently scheduled for release on January 1 2018.

Ace mechanic Lou Cortez has always had a way with the ladies, so he can't understand why lovely florist Josephine -Joey- Reeves won't give him the time of day. Joey knows all about mistakes. After getting pregnant at fifteen, she's spent the past nine years building a life for her and her son. This sexy mechanic is one misstep she's not going to make. But the more time she spends with Lou, the hotter things get. Soon Joey's left with a choice: keep things casual, or reveal all to Lou and hope he accepts her-and her son-for who they are.

Collision Course is another roller coaster ride with complex characters. Joey has been through a lot, and is still struggling to find her own way and some faith in herself. Lou is not looking for a relationship, but is intrigued by Joey, and might just be willing to change his mind. I liked Lou's mindset, and his unique take on women, being surrounded by them most of his life. The pair are great together, and I found both their reservations and conflicts to be realistic and well written. While admittedly there are moments I want to kick characters for their decisions, assumptions, and word choices- I think the action and characters were very well written and I found their journey to be very satisfying. I think the interconnection between the characters, and the small town feel, adds a special dynamic to the book. I liked the hints to future connections for later books, particularly in the related series. I know I am now even more eager to see how things play out in the upcoming books.

Collision Course is exactly what I was hoping for from Harte. The characters and growth as individuals and a couple is dynamic and an entertaining ride. Fans of Harte will definitely want to pick it up, and newcomers are likely to enjoy it greatly as well. 

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