Book Review: A Stick Until by Constance Anderson

A Stick Until by Constance Anderson is a picturebook. A stick is just a stick until an elephant turns it into a flyswatter, an alligator uses it to catch prey, or a child uses a stick as a toy. A simple stick can become a tool or a toy in this enjoyable look at the many uses animals and people can find for sticks. Creative uses of sticks range from chimpanzees catching tasty treats to birds attracting mates. A fun book to read to an inquisitive child or for use in a classroom, A Stick Until shows the wonders of nature and the joys of imagination.

A Stick Until is a beautifully illustrated book with images and information that will capture the imagination of animal lovers of all ages. It teaches children to imagine the different uses for something as simple as a stick. While I wish some stick wielding was done by kids was as harmless as a back scratcher, I like that this book offers some real example of how animals use a stick. I really found the informational part of the book, explaining how and why a large variety of animals can use a simple stick, to be nicely done. The information is well worded and simply put. The information is off to the side, and subtle on most pages, so that if you need to skip on a read you should be able to get away with it, at least until the child figures it out. This is a great read all around. 

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