Early Book Review: The Very Very Very Long Dog by Julia Patton

The Very Very Very Long Dog is a picture book by Julia Patton with is currently schedule for release on December 5 2017. Bartelby is a very long and lovable dachshund who lives in a bookstore. He has a lovely set of friends who take him for walks through the city, but he has no idea that his bumbling backside leaves a trail of destruction and accidents behind him. Embarrassed that he has no control over his back end, Bartelby vows to never leave the cozy bookstore again. Can his friends help him find a way to help himself?
The Very Very Very Long Dog is a cute and fun picturebook about a dog that is so long that he is not aware of the havoc his back end leaves in his wake during his walks. His friends love him just as he is, but understand that Bartelby is heartbroken when he discovers the trouble he causes. I like that they find a solution, and that his friends stick by him and help, even when he does not know they are. It is a sweet, fun book with nice illustrations. I liked the story, and think many readers of all ages will enjoy it as well. There are just so many fantastic books out there that while I enjoyed it, it did not wow me. 

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