Book Review: I am Bat by Morag Hood

I am Bat by Morag Hood is a picturebook about a bat who is a little grumpy, and very protective of his cherries. When they start going missing the bat searches for the thief, even blaming the reader. As he searches he discovers that cherries are not the only delicious fruit available. 
I am Bat is a cute picturebook about a grumpy little bat afraid that his favorite foods will disappear. When he finds cherries gone he is desperate to find the cherries, and the culprit. I loved his reluctant admission that he likes pears too, when that option appears. The art is simply but bold, and reminds me of the art on Gravett's picturebooks (which is a good thing). It is a short, simply, fun read that plays well for a short read aloud while being simple enough for independent reading for the littles as well. 

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