Book Review: Heart Stop (First Responders) by Radclyffe

Heart Stop is the sixth book in the First Responders series by Radclyffe. I have not read any of the other books in the series. While there is a complete story here, and it could be read as a stand alone, I think those that have been following the series will enjoy it much more than newcomers to the series.

Jay (Flash) Reynolds has a brilliant future as a trauma surgeon until an eighteen-wheeler on a rainy night changes her life. Newly appointed chief medical examiner Olivia Price is more at ease with the dead than the living—at least the dead never lie. All she needs to do is listen to their stories. What she doesn't need is a surly new resident who would rather be somewhere else. Two women, one with a damaged body, the other a damaged spirit, challenge each other to dare to live again.

Heart Stop is a story that left me of two minds. I liked the characters, and their banter. I think that they both have huge stories to tell and the bits we get about there past are like teasers, I know there is more to tell, especially with Olivia. I liked the drama of the story going on in the background, but felt like there is much more going on than I understand because I have not read the previous books and found myself confused about who everyone was and how they interconnect. I did enjoy the romance, to a certain point, but then it felt more like they just decided they were in love and no more needed to be said. I think maybe that the resolution for their relationship just felt a little too pat. I think more of them talking and working on their issues and less of the background story in the city would have made me happier. 

Heart Stop is a good story, and I liked the characters. I think those that have read the related books would get much more out of everything that was going on, but since I did not have the background on the larger story arch and who everyone was I felt a little lost. 

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