Book Review: Dragons; Father and Son by Alexander Lacroix, Ronan Badel

Dragons; Father and Son is a picturebook written by Alexander Lacroix, and illustrated by Ronan Badel. Poor little Drake! He doesn’t WANT to be a fire-breathing beast—but his traditional dad insists that he do what dragons have always done: destroy all the houses in town. With no choice but to obey, he reluctantly sets out to the village. Then, he meets a boy, a teacher, and a kind fisherman who show him there’s more than one way to be a good dragon. Filled with humor and compassion, this story will enchant children and encourage them to love themselves for who they are.

Dragons; Father and Son is a wonderful little story. I liked that the dragons are not the cute, cuddly dragons that so often appear in picturebooks. I also like that Drake is open to learning, and that he does not want to hurt anyone, but he does not want to anger his father. I think there are way too many young people with parents like the father in this story at home. Adults that hate or fear another group just because their family always has. I love that Drake got to know the people, and discovered that they are not so different, and that they just want to live their lives. Aside from the that part of the story, which could be seen as political, it is also a story about being true to yourself. Little Drake does not want to hurt anyone, and makes friends with the people. I like that he took that knowledge home, and using smarts and words was able to change his father's mind. 

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