Book Review: May's Wild Walk (The Whisker Sisters) by Miss Paty

May's Wild Walk is the first book in The Whisker Sisters series of graphic novels by Miss Paty. A letter from Mrs. Owl, the Whiskers Sisters' mail carrier, prompts Mia and Maya to plan a celebration. But their little sister, May, has been swept up in Mrs. Owl's mailbag! Soon May is in the woods having a wild afternoon. But will she make it home in time for the party? 
May's Wild Walk is a graphic novel for young readers. Poor May, the youngest of the sisters, is left out of discussions because she cannot read and her sisters cannot understand her when she talks. Luckily, when her adventures begin and she is out in the world she discovers that the creatures of the forest are much better able to understand her than her siblings. Together May and and animals work to save the girl's party- and does even better than that. I love the connection between May and the animals, and how hard the animals work to make things right. I think the art was well done, and very cute. My only sticking point is that I would have liked more from the older sisters than an apology then going right back to laughing. 

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