Book Review: Just the Thing (The Donnigans) by Marie Harte

Just the Thing is the second book in The Donnigans series by Marie Harte. The first book was A Sure Thing, and while the characters overlap and those that are following the series will have more insight into them, newcomers can also enjoy the read, although it is likely to make you want to go back and see what you missed.
Gavin Donnigan left the Marine Corps a shell of a man, hounded by guilt for deaths he couldn't prevent. But teaching a self-defense class at the local gym brings some stability to his life―along with a gorgeous leggy woman who won't give him the time of day. Zoe York lost her twin sister to a freak car accident a few months ago. She's been struggling to bury her grief, but it isn't until she signs up for a self-defense class with its distracting instructor that she begins to come out of her shell again. With the memory of her sister telling her to live a little, Zoe decides a fling with buns-of-steel Gavin Donnigan might be just the thing. Soon they're sparring both in and out of the gym. And for the first time in a long time, each is looking forward to tomorrow.

Just the Thing is another book from Harte that features characters with real problems, and real support systems. Gavin is dealing with his issues, and moving forward with the help of family, hard work, and therapy. Zoe is doing her best to move on from her own family tragedy while still having a challenging career. I love the interaction between Zoe and Gavin, they tease and bicker in a way I find real as well as entertaining./ At the same time, I love the relationship between Gavin and his family. I found the combination of teasing and support to be so entertaining and oddly charming. Rather like the way my brother and I tease each other but would do anything for each other. I love the honesty and real feel of the characters. They are written so well that I really came to care about the characters and felt like I could see them in the real world. I honestly want to meet the characters from the Donnigan and related series- and love the fact that they are overlapping more and more. 

Just the Thing is another great book from Harte. I am currently gathering all the books she has published, and reading more from her. My only disappointment it that I somehow missed the Netgalley offering of one book, and did not find this author until recently. I will be searching library collections and Amazon to make sure I get my hands on them all.

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