Book Review: Gracie LaRoo at Pig Jubilee by Marsha Qualey, Kristyna Litten

Gracie La Roo at Pig Jubilee written by Marsha Qualey and illustrated by Kristyna Litten is an advanced easy reader or beginner chapterbook- depending on how you look at it. Gracie LaRoo is the youngest pig to make it to the Pig Jubilee in synchronized swimming. As the star of her team, the Water Sprites, the pressure is on! But Gracie can't seem to concentrate and land her signature move-the one sure to lead them to victory. Gracie has to find a way to get her concentration back, find her confidence, and land the move to bring home the gold medal and to make her team proud.

Gracie LaRoo at Pig Jubilee is a sweet collection of  stories about a little pig trying to find her way. She learns about concentration, confidence, and being true to herself. She gets to learn about teamwork and patience as well, all while she does something she loves- swimming. Her practice, performing, and imperfections make her a characters that readers can relate to, empathize with, and learn with. The art work and stories remind me a little of Olivia- both in lessons learned and the fact that they are pigs. The art is lovely, and the emotion and captured in the illustrations help bring the story alike, and get the reader more involved in Gracie's struggles. I like that she makes mistakes, but still does her best and works to fix them.

Gracie LaRoo at Pig Jubilee is a good read with valuable lessons. I love a children's book that gets these lessons across to young readers without feeling pushy or preachy, which can be hard to do. This book does that, and entertains readers at the same time.

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